Approach to recover deleted Office files

What is Microsoft Office?

In this developing world all are familiar with MS Office suite which is created by Microsoft. It is a set of several applications which usually include Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access. This Microsoft Office launches its new version time to time with variety of add on features that is increasing the demand of this widely used application suit. This MS Office is the most popularly used office suit which is very much helpful in the world of Business organization, education and even for personal life. The versions of MS Office are 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 etc.

The Microsoft Office supports Windows operating like Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. The latest version of MS Office provides password protection of your files. If you have protected your MS Office file with password then only the authorized user can access the file. Microsoft Office allows the user of computer to create, modify and format all types of documents.

Even though these MS Office files have so many secure features but still there is a chance of losing data. MS office documents get lost easily for careless deletion, format, power failure, system crash, software conflicts and many other reasons. This results in loss of your valuable data stored in your MS office application.

Consider yourself in a scenario where you were working on PowerPoint presentation .You were creating an impressive presentation for board meeting and the file was saved with .ppt extension. This file format supports 2003 an earlier version of MS office so you decided to convert the file extension of your file which can be used in latest version like 2007, 2008 etc. At the time of file conversion there occurred sudden power failure resulting in improper shut down of your system. Then after anxious wait of power to come you turned on your computer but you were shocked as the files were deleted because of improper file conversion. Now you must be tensed and thinking of a way to recover your deleted files as they are very much important for your meeting.

No need to worry!!! The Office document deleted or lost can be easily recovered by using Office file recovery tool. This tool is specially designed with enhanced features which help the user to recover MS Office file. There are instances where you may face loss of data in your future while using MS Office.

What are the reasons for deletion or loss of files?

Accidental deletion: The users may accidentally delete some of the important file instead of deleting unwanted file by using Shift+delete keys. The file also gets deleted if the user performs improper execution of cut and paste option which may result in losing your valuable data from MS Office. The files are also deleted when you accidentally deleted the files stored in Recycle Bin.

 Virus intrusion: Virus attack to your computer can corrupt your entire system by replicating themselves. They don’t allow the user to access the particular file or folder which gets infected from virus. The chances of virus attack are increased when the user installs any third party application.

File system corruption: File system of your computer gets corrupted due to virus attack, power failure, improper system shutdown etc. Whenever a user tries to access the file, the file system searches for its allocation data as the data will be stored in file system so if this file system gets corrupted it makes it inaccessible to the user.

Files lost due to defragmentation failure: In order to increase the system performance defragmentation is necessary as it reduces the wastage of disk space. If the process is stuck in between due to error or power failure then this may result in loss of your files.

Software Errors:  Malfunctioning of operating system or any programming bug may delete the file from the hard drive of your computer and this may lead to data loss. The file may also get deleted during transferring or sharing the file over the other networks.

But when an Office document is deleted or lost due to any of the reasons mentioned above, the file will not disappear immediately from your computer and the system will marks the area of hard drive “ready to add new files”. The files are removed only from the directory of the document and this offers you a chance to recover your lost data.

The documents can be easily recovered by making use of effective Office recovery tool. This software easily makes Outlook file recovery possible and thus you can even recover the lost or deleted file from MS Outlook.

Office file recovery tool helps to recover all types of MS Office files like Word file, Access file, PowerPoint file, Excel file which are not accessible due to corruption. It allows the user to recover files from varieties of electronic devices like hard drives, USB flash drives, memory cards, Pen drives and other storage devices. The data deleted from Recycle Bin can also be retrieved using file recovery software. This tool can recover different types of files based on their unique signature and even restore lost Outlook PST files on variety of file systems like FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS etc. partitions. This software uses updated version of antivirus software to scan files before you compile them and it supports both Windows and Mac operating system.

This software reads the original Office file and creates a new file which ensures that the corrupt Office file remains intact and no further damage will be caused to the MS Office document. The software can be used easily in few simple steps which are listed below:

First download and install the trial version of file recovery tool. Once the recovery process is completed you can check the performance of the software. In case you are happy with the recovery results you can go for its full version.