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On computer hard drive people save many professional and personal data in the form of folders. Some of the folders are very important and no one wants to loss these folders. Sometimes due to accidental or unknown reasons, some important folders may get deleted. Now you cannot recover the files manually. If you want to… Read Article →

Have you accidentally deleted your precious files from system? Are you looking a reliable solution to get back those deleted files? Do you want to restore deleted files from your system hard drive? If yes, then read this post to restore files from your system hard drive? Now the question is how to undelete files… Read Article →

Data can be lost from your Windows system due to various reasons. Some of the reasons are given below: When you delete your important file mistakenly or intentionally. When you format entire hard drive or other storage device accidentally. If hard drive gets corrupted due to any reasons. Virus/Malware attacks in your storage device data…. Read Article →

Following are the steps to fix the audio driver in Windows 10 operating system: First of all Tap on Start button, then select it from the lists of given results. Then go through sound, video and game controller. You have option to select sound card. Select the sound card and open it, next is to… Read Article →

Partition is division of hard drive space to keep files and folder in safe and organized manner. Partitioning separates the operating system files and program files which are beneficial for users. It makes easy for users to recover corrupted file system or OS installation. The basic advantage of partition is that if one of the… Read Article →

Hi, so you have formatted your drive and as usual you haven’t kept any backup files for your deleted files and now you are searching for any software to recover your data? Don’t worry about it now, because you are now going to get a perfect solution for data recovery after formatting of your hard… Read Article →

“Have you lost your important files after reformatting the Windows or Mac hard drive, and would you like to know how to restore them back? If so, then do not worry as it is possible to get back data after reformatting the drive, and to know more about it, just go on reading this short… Read Article →

Notepad is among the most general yet basic text-only (plain text) editor from Microsoft Windows. Docs saved using Notepad generally get saved in .txt extension. Generally, users prefer Notepad to make common text files, edit source code programs and many more. It presents only the standard text manipulation functions, like finding text. It perhaps supports… Read Article →

Microsoft is famous for its numerous applications like Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel and many more. These applications are widely used for creating presentation, project documents, spreadsheets, financial records, etc. Among these files PowerPoint presentations offer the best way to convey information, usually the presentation files have .ppt as its file extension. One can… Read Article →

It’s likely that you have heard numerous cases of losing files. First let’s discuss, what precisely the files are? Files are common types of data storage units on the PC & other digital devices. Files can be categorized in numerous types like documents written on computer or pictures captured by mobile, webcam or cameras. These… Read Article →

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