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Nowadays, computer hard disk is available in large space for storage maximum as much as 3Tb. People who use computers partitioned this huge memory storage device in a number of partitions because of their simplicity of use. Mainly hard disk is partitioned to save data in specific manner that may help you to save and… Read Article →

Hard disk portioning is employed with regard to splitting full hard disk place in to sectional parts. Users prefer to do this technique on their hard disk drive as they like to improve their system functionality. By using this disk dividing process users can get accessibility on their own necessary information quickly. In order to… Read Article →

What is the best way to recover data from a corrupted partition? I don’t know the actual cause of this problem .If the problems root cause and the easiest solution mend me. I am using a Western digital hard drive as my storage device for my computer .I didn’t format it for a very long… Read Article →

Generally, Mac OS uses static volumes and removable volumes. Static volumes are the internal drives that are placed in your computer’s case whereas removable volumes are USB flash drives, external hard disk drives and memory cards, which are linked to your personal computer using plug-in cables. Computer drives are usually employed by every computer to… Read Article →

Usually the computer hard drive is split into several logical sections which are known as partitions. It can be done by the partitioning process at the time of formatting. Every partition of hard drive is recognized as just one drive by the operating system. Partitioning of hard disk has many advantages including one can possibly… Read Article →

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