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Consider a situation where you accidentally lost your all important data after format and desperately looking for the most reliable tool to recover lost data after format? If yes, then stop your search because here’s one of the most significant software named as Data Recovery after Format Software is easily available for you which helps… Read Article →

Many times people forget to keep backup of their system data and without keeping any backup they try to format their system.  Such kind of situation happens many times with people, once you format your PC means, you get lose all stored data from system. If you want to back all lost data you have… Read Article →

Windows XP is an operating system which was produced by Microsoft for use on your personal computers, including the home and business desktops, laptops and media centers. It is known as the second most popular version of Windows, based on the installed user base. The two main editions are Windows XP Home Edition that is designed for home users and Windows XP Professional,… Read Article →

Several people end up accidentally erasing some important files which they required. It has happened with so many people so many times. Some times you may find a folder in which you do not want anything except some files and you remove it. And after deleting it you may understand that there were a few… Read Article →

Sometimes you may accidentally delete important files, and you may recognize that you need some previously deleted files. All the files which you have deleted will go to recycle bin, and the files will remain there until you empty it. The deleted files present in the recycle bin can be restored to its earlier location,… Read Article →

One of the greatest improvements that came about from the creation of the Mac OS X operating system is the ability of that system to mesh with Windows universal applications. Until the advent of OS X, Mac based files used a unique type/creator filing system. This made photo recovery for Mac extraordinarily difficult, as prevalent… Read Article →

Microsoft inbox repair formerly focused on the process of cropping one’s inbox down to a size under the 2 GB limitation as imposed by Microsoft. The reason for the size limitation was so as to force users to use the compacting feature of Outlook and keep the e-mail client running efficiently. However recent versions of… Read Article →

One of the best things about attempting data recovery on a USB flash drive is that for the most part these drives are small in size capacity. This allows us to try many different data recovery procedures in a short amount of time. So if you need to recover data from formatted drive areas on… Read Article →

When working with Microsoft Outlook often we have groups of e-mail sorted into specialized folders. It is not unusual for Microsoft Outlook folders to become corrupted and inaccessible due to damage to the Outlook PST database file. Basically in order to recover accidentally deleted emails in Microsoft Outlook we must have a program that examines… Read Article →

Recently I had to reload the operating system on my small netbook computer. I was forced to do this because a virus had infected the entire hard disk drive. During the process of reloading Windows I was prompted as to whether I would like to delete the partition holding all of the operating system and… Read Article →

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