Follow The Procedure to Fix OST File in Outlook

OST is a special type of database file on Microsoft Outlook; it is formally called as offline storage table. OST or Outlook data folder is nothing but a local copy of your exchange sever and contains all MS Outlook attributes like email messages, contacts, journals, scheduled appointments, calendar reminders, task, note, RSS feeds, etc. in a single file as Outlook.ost. The main benefits of Microsoft Outlook OST file is that it allows the user to work on offline mode even if the application is detached from Exchange Server.

fix OST

The major problem arises when the MS Outlook gives an error message while starting the application saying “Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. The set of folders cannot be opened, operation failed”. Such a kind of blunder in Outlook software occurs when OST file is corrupted / damaged as it is prone to corrupt. However, Microsoft Outlook has provided an OST integrity check tool named as ‘Scanpst.ext’. This feature in tool can scans, determine and fix OST file corruption issues. But, on recent survive on “Scanpst.ext” stated that lot of users have faced further corruption in their OST file by using this tool; some have faced missing of the Outlook attributes after fixing. Before, knowing further it’s good to know some of the Outlook.ost file corruption scenarios.

What are the reasons for OST file corruption / damage?

Improper application termination: As, if you’re working on the application and if you forcefully close the MS Outlook program by ending task on Windows task manager, abrupt system shutdown etc. might lead in corrupting your OST file.

Synchronizing errors: OST file enables you to work on offline mode, as it synchronizes the data on connecting to an Exchange Server. Suppose, if an error occurs during Synchronization due to low internet connectivity, or due to data base corruption so on. As a result of this your Microsoft Outlook OST file may get corrupted or damaged.

Other initiators: Factors like header file corruption, operating system crash, hard drive malfunctioning, email bombarding, bad sectors, and many other reasons could lead in OST file corruption.

How to fix corrupted / damaged OST file using “Scanpst.ext”?

Step-1: Close the Microsoft Outlook utility if running. And open Scanpst.ext”.

Step-2: The tool feature will prompt you to enter the name of corrupted OST file. Click “Browse” and open the .ost file.

Step-3: Select the desired scan log option in the “Options” features and click “Start”.

Step-4: After following the above steps, the tool will scan for issues and display the errors. By selecting the errors and clicking “Repair” option you may be able to fix the corrupted OST file.

Above mentioned steps are the exact manual steps for repairing your damaged / corrupted OST file. Still, the manual fixing steps seems easy but it is not as easy as it seems. As this tool, is applicable for certain corruption issues only depending upon the level of corruption. If your Outlook.ost is severely corrupted then above steps may not be applicable. In such cases use “Tool to Fix OST File”.

How this utility will help you out?

This tool is a specially developed friendly and malware free application which easily over comes the difficulties faced in “Scanpst.ext” tool. It is a reliable tool to rescue severely corrupted Outlook file. This application is 100% result oriented as it fixes Microsoft Outlook.ost file regarding less the scenarios behind corruption. Repair OST file application supports all Outlook versions like Outlook2000, Outlook2003, Outlook2007 and Outlook2010.