How to Fix Audio Driver Windows 10?

Following are the steps to fix the audio driver in Windows 10 operating system:

First of all Tap on Start button, then select it from the lists of given results. Then go through sound, video and game controller. You have option to select sound card. Select the sound card and open it, next is to select the driver tab. In the Driver tab you have to Update driver. Look for manufacturer’s website if Windows is unable to find a new driver then follow the given instruction.

Uninstall the audio driver if the steps did not work. To uninstall the audio driver you have to follow given instruction: Open Device Manager > Right click the Audio driver then select uninstall. Then restart the system to uninstall the audio driver and its program properly.

You can also try the generic audio driver which generally comes with Windows if above methods didn’t work. Steps to install the generic audio drive you can follow the given steps: Go in Device Manager > Right click your audio driver > Browse the computer’s driver software > Then check device drivers on computer > Next is to select High Definition Audio > Press Next. You have to follow the instructions then to install the generic audio driver.

Run Troubleshooter

If any of the solutions didn’t work, then you can try audio troubleshooter. There might be a chance that audio troubleshooter will fix the issue automatically. You have video tutorial in the official webpage of Microsoft that suggests how the audio troubleshooter works.

Fix Sound Problem

When you are connected an audio device with USB or HDMI, then you might require to set the device as default.

First of all Open Start, enter Sound, then select it from the list of results. And press on the Playback tab, select a device, then Set Default. You have video tutorial in the official webpage of Microsoft that suggests how to fix sound problem.