How to Recover RAW Images from DSLR Camera Memory Card?

“Hi friends, I have a big problem. I went on a picnic with my family and clicked many photos from my Nikon camera so that I can preserve those beautiful moments for long time. When I returned home, I thought of transferring those photos from camera to the computer to free up the space for future use. But when I switched on my camera, it’s displaying an error message like “Card not initialized”! Now I am tensed please anyone help me to overcome this situation.”

This is one of the main reason behind the loss of photos from DSLR cameras memory card. Memory card also has a file system like other storage device which allows users to store and organize the files in effective manner. DSLR cameras memory card can store both images like generic and RAW images. RAW images contain entire information with a minimum amount of processing.

If the memory card is corrupted then all your RAW images and other media files get deleted or lost. Sometimes, when you are connecting the memory card to computer for moving data from card to computer and vice versa, an encountered an error message on the computer screen like “Card error”, “Card not initialized”, “ No Card”, etc.  These errors occurs generally due to memory card corruption and lead to data loss from memory card.

Sometimes, while using DSLR camera when the battery is even low due to this cause RAW images get lost from camera and other reason behind the deletion or loss of data form memory card is accidental deletion. At, times while deleting unwanted RAW images you may select and delete important RAW images by pressing “Delete All” option on DSLR cameras can lead to data deletion or loss scenario.

If any sort of interruption occurs when you are moving RAW images from DSLR camera memory card to laptop such as abrupt removal of memory card form laptop can lead to file system corruption. If file system get corrupted then entire RAW images and other photos get deleted or lost from memory card.

Apart from the above there are many reasons behind the deletion or loss of RAW images from DSLR cameras such as using same memory card on various digital camera, improper shutdown system, neglecting “memory card full” error message and keep on storing the captured images, memory card corrupt due to virus or malware infection, etc.

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