How to remove the inaccessible state of USB to get the data back

In history, no one would have imagined that technology would reach far from their thinking. Digitalization is the best outcome of technology growth. That have had benefited people in vast context. Now one example is the USB that is used to store data. Now there is no need to carry your CPU to transfer the data or you need not to do it repeatedly if using the floppies and CD. Computers are replaced by laptops, floppies/CD’s/DVD’s are replaced by USB drives, telephones are replaced by mobile phones that too with advanced technology.

Digitization made a drastic change in carrying the data and to store it. USB drives make this come true when data have to be transferred from one place to another. Thumb drive comes with different capability to save the data and to carry different types of files. Till data the memory of the USB is up to 160 GB. Whether it is your photos, documents, movies, songs or anything else can be kept easily in pen drives. The best feature of the USB is that it is portable (lightweight and small).

There will no problem until and unless the device of technology stops working. When it happen then there are numerous problems arises and user have to face those one after the other. If your USB drive stops working then it sometimes becomes impossible for anyone to retrieve the valuable data. Alternatively, it becomes almost hard to recover files (when drive is in inaccessible mode) from USB drive.

At the time you are in desperate need of technology that can take out you from this situation. To recover USB or to restore files from formatted USB you ought to need some tools.  If you don’t have any idea regarding the recovery then you need to meet the technician.

There are two types of damages:

  • Logical damage.
  • Physical damage.

Based on the damage done on the hard disk, the recovery process will be adopted. So, the very first thing that you need to follow up is to find that which problem your USB drive have. Once you are done with it then the other thing you have to see what can be done for this. If the damage is physical damage then recovery totally depends upon the condition of drives if the storage plates are ok then recover can be made, or else there is less chances of recovering the data.

If the damage is done logically then the data recovery is possible and that to easily. So for this you need to find the software related to recovery. You can also go for the backups that you have had created at the time when your USB was working. If no, then there is one more way that is possible and is one and only way of using the recovery software. It is recommended that when always to select the demo version of the software. Installing the software will facilitate you with the recovery feature and later you will be able to do recovery by user self.