How to use Microsoft Family Settings with Windows 10

windows_10Windows 10 is the latest Windows series operating system developed and marketed by Microsoft Corp. It is an updated version of Windows 8.1 OS. It is a touch screen supported system which has built with many advanced features. This operating system is more secure and having advanced functionality compare with older versions of Windows system. It contains many new features and inbuilt applications such as start menu, Universal apps, Edge browser, Cortana, Continuum Mode, streaming, advanced graphics, easy to use interface, etc. This operating system supports desktops, laptops and tablet computers.

If you are a tablet or system user, then safety and time constraints are a big deal to the parents for their child. I recently review the chance to an Android and a Windows tablet 2-in-1 aimed at kids. The Android tablet uses the proprietary Parental Control system although the Windows 2-in-1 used the Microsoft Family Settings website. But when I study in deep, then I found that Microsoft has made it to make it safer for kids during online. Let us discuss about Microsoft familiar Settings. In order to give the online tablet or system for your kids, make sure that all the adult sites are blocked. You can also block some particular websites and also allows some sites which you want to allow for your kids.

Even you can also restrict the system for downloading the games and application which is not appropriate for their age. You can also visit the recently visited sites, used applications, games played and screen time online. Beside these thinks, you can also set the limit on how much time they can spend with system screens. In order to easy to setup Microsoft Windows 10 device, you need to follow some simple steps. First of all, you need to navigate to Microsoft account website and login to your account.

In first time login, you can see there is no account listed along with a button present to add a Child account.  When you click on add a Child account button, you can either use your current email address or set up a new email address for them and send invitation. After sending the invitation, you will need to login to the child email account and accept the invitation. After accepting an invitation, you need to login with your child account. Once your child account is verified, you can set the criteria and access for them.