Know How to Recover Lost Data after Format

Consider a situation where you accidentally lost your all important data after format and desperately looking for the most reliable tool to recover lost data after format? If yes, then stop your search because here’s one of the most significant software named as Data Recovery after Format Software is easily available for you which helps to recover lost data after format from different drives such as external hard drive, flash drive, iPods, memory card, USB drive, Pen drive, etc. in hassle free manner.

recover lost data after format

This is the most reliable and specialized software made up of powerful scanning engine, this helps to scan the entire drive in few minutes and easily recover lost data after format. This is a read only software which retrieve the lost data without making any damage to the original data. This tool supports all the latest versions of Windows and Mac operating system. The Graphic User Interface of this software helps users at every steps to ensure data recovery after format is properly done or not.

Common scenarios behind loss of data after format:

  • Due to file system corruption, you are not able to access any file from drive. So, to access this drive you have to format it. This lead to loss of data.
  • Sometimes while formatting some unwanted data users unintentionally select one of the partitions instead of selecting other partition and delete it using ‘shift + delete’ option. As a result you lost your entire saved data.
  • While doing repartition of any drive, there is a chance of drive corruption. So to get rid of it you have to format the drive.
  • Apart from the above mention reason there are some other reasons which lead to data loss after formatting are due to bad sectors, header file corruption, master boot record corruption, reinstallation of operating system, etc.

Features of Data Recovery after Format Software:

This tool recovers deleted data from different drive with the help of their unique signature. The recovered data can be sort on the basis of name, type, size and creation date of the data. Using “save recovery session” feature of this software you can resume the data recovery session at any time. It recovers deleted data from FAT 16, Fat 32, HFS, HFS+ and other partition with utmost ease. This software is quite safe and secure than any other tool and easily retrieve deleted data various storage devices. It supports different brands of hard drive and flash drive such as Samsung, Western Digital, SanDisk, Kingston, Sony, Transcend and many more. This software is recommended by different industries experts. The demo version of this software is available which you can easily download and use it.