Microsoft inbox repair formerly focused on the process of cropping one’s inbox down to a size under the 2 GB limitation as imposed by Microsoft. The reason for the size limitation was so as to force users to use the compacting feature of Outlook and keep the e-mail client running efficiently. However recent versions of… Read Article →

One of the best things about attempting data recovery on a USB flash drive is that for the most part these drives are small in size capacity. This allows us to try many different data recovery procedures in a short amount of time. So if you need to recover data from formatted drive areas on… Read Article →

When working with Microsoft Outlook often we have groups of e-mail sorted into specialized folders. It is not unusual for Microsoft Outlook folders to become corrupted and inaccessible due to damage to the Outlook PST database file. Basically in order to recover accidentally deleted emails in Microsoft Outlook we must have a program that examines… Read Article →

Recently I had to reload the operating system on my small netbook computer. I was forced to do this because a virus had infected the entire hard disk drive. During the process of reloading Windows I was prompted as to whether I would like to delete the partition holding all of the operating system and… Read Article →

Have you ever placed a folder holding files into your Windows recycle bin and forgotten what was in that folder. Very often a folder holds another folder which holds yet another folder and in that third folder are placed important files we actually had intended to archive. But once we empty the Windows recycle bin… Read Article →

Digital photo recovery can be an extremely difficult data recovery process. The reason for this is primarily that we have usually deleted the files in question and overwritten them before we realize we forgot to download the new files onto our computer. We are then forced to use a third party data recovery tool to… Read Article →

Should you find yourself needing to recover Outlook PST information due to a virus attack or other simple file corruption be sure to select a Microsoft Outlook e-mail recovery program that can extract all of your stored information without destroying and losing files in the process. Many poorly designed Outlook e-mail recovery programs attempt to… Read Article →

Many times I have looked in my computer that I thought I had downloaded 100 or so picture files on to, only to discover that many of my photographs were either grayed out or missing entirely. I usually blame this on myself thinking that somehow I deleted a few inadvertently or perhaps I had interrupted… Read Article →

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