Microsoft Outlook is one of the best applications developed by Microsoft which provide communication facility through emails. It also provides some excellent features like task manager, contact manager, web browsing, note taking, calendar and journals. Microsoft outlook gives facility to the users to work in both modes either online or offline. Microsoft Outlook has three… Read Article →

PST stands for personal storage folder which is a Microsoft Outlook  function to manage online activity.for example: Calendar occasions, email, Contacts, Tasks and other. After you setup your account in Microsoft Outlook it will naturally create a PST document. One user record is not restricted to have one PST file, you can import a few… Read Article →

Partition is division of hard drive space to keep files and folder in safe and organized manner. Partitioning separates the operating system files and program files which are beneficial for users. It makes easy for users to recover corrupted file system or OS installation. The basic advantage of partition is that if one of the… Read Article →

Every single system employs of storage memory which is mainly known as a hard disk. Hard disks are manufactured by many companies with support of numerous types of file systems. The file system is a main criteria by which every hard disk maintains log of each and every single file present on the storage memory… Read Article →

External Hard Drive is a portable storage device that is used to store and transfer valuable data from one system to other. There are number of brands of external hard drive are available in the market such as Samsung, Transcend, Kingston, Sony, HP, and many more. These external hard drives are mainly used to back… Read Article →

On any large business organization, educational institutes, corporate companies and other area, Outlook is becoming more popular email client application to send or receive email messages because, it also helps to manage contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, appointments, journal entries etc., in single place. Here, PST file is an Outlook data file, which is used by… Read Article →

Camcorders are electronic devices, which allow users to capture photos and record videos. They are portable, independent, handy devices. They store the recorded videos and captured photos on memory card mounted on it. They are used to record high quality videos and good clarity photos. There are many brands of camera available in market; some… Read Article →

Recycle Bin is a temporary storage space in the Windows system which will store all deleted items on the computer.  By accessing the Recycle Bin, one can restore the previously deleted files very easily. This temporary storage space can hold certain amount of data which can be customized and we can set the maximum holding limit in… Read Article →

Hi, so you have formatted your drive and as usual you haven’t kept any backup files for your deleted files and now you are searching for any software to recover your data? Don’t worry about it now, because you are now going to get a perfect solution for data recovery after formatting of your hard… Read Article →

Recycle Bin has stores all the information such as file name, size, and location of the deleted files which have deleted accidentally or intentionally from system drives. Sometimes we may not have enough space in hard drive for store the important files, then we delete some unwanted files from hard drive but actually these files… Read Article →

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