Perfect tool to perform data recovery on Mac OS X Lion

Do you want to get back data on Mac OS X Lion? Then you are in right place, by going through this post you will get to know how to recover files back.

Mac OS X Lion is one of the popular Operating system used by most computer user. It is attractive in features when compared to other older versions of Mac Operating Systems. It also has high security feature to protect your confidential data from unauthorized user. But despite of its unique feature you cannot save file from it & so you may end up in losing files from it. Don’t feel frustrated if you are facing any loss situations, you can easily get back missing files from it by performing data recovery Mac OS X lion using Mac disk recovery program.

Go through some scenarios that may lead to data loss from Mac Lion:

  • Unintentional formatting the disk: You might have formatted the Mac volume by mistake containing confidential files instead of the hard disk that does not contain any files, as a result of this data loss.
  • Reformatting the drive: You may have re formatted the Mac volume in order to re-install Mac Lion OS without taking proper backup. When you reformat it, all files present on your computer gets erased resulting in loss of files.
  • Emptying Mac Trash: Trash on Mac computer is same as that of Recycle Bin in Windows operating system. When file gets deleted from the Mac hard disk it gets re-directed to Trash, so that you can restore them back when required. However, clearing Trash folder before checking the items results in loss of mistakenly erased files that is residing in Trash.
  • Volume Header Corruption: Volume header contains all the information related to that particular volume such as total size of the disk, free space available in it, last modification date etc. But sometimes volume header may get corrupted due to software malfunction, improper shut down of the system, disk failure, etc. Due to this you may end up in inaccessibility of files from it.

By performing disk recovery on Mac using disk recovery software you can get back all missing files from hard disk. It restores files on the basis of unique signature & sorts them according to file name, size & creation date. It scans the entire drive & retrieves file without modifying it original contents. It also recovers files from all versions of Mac Operating system. It also supports data recovery from different Mac computers such as Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, iMac Mac Mini, etc. This tool also has the capability to restore files after journal corruption, catalog corruption, file system corruption, accidental deletion, etc.

Whatever may be the reason for loss, this tool enables you to find all missing files from it. It provides recovery of all types of files such as video, songs, excel, word, images, etc. Excel files are created on MS Excel & is used mostly on business environment. Sometimes you may face loss situation like accidental deletion, abrupt system shutdown, improper transfer, virus attack, etc. ‘How do I restore a lost excel file?’ This might be the question going around your mind. Don’t worry!!! You can get back all missing excel file by using this tool. It also provides you an option to preview the restored file list. You can also save the recovered file list but only after purchasing it.